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Skyline is to movies what my dung is to gourmet cooking.

I've seen some bad films this year. I mean, for the love of god I saw Furry Vengeance! But this was BAD. Oh my days...where do I start?

I think saying Skyline is derivative is understating things quite a bit: Skyline has nothing new or interesting to offer. Sure there are special effects but they're hardly impressive and it just looks like someone played Crysis on their PC and pasted some alien ships from the game in an otherwise derelict straight-to-video sci-fi turkey. Oh, and the aliens look like vaginas. I kid you not: vaginas.

What is it derivative of? Cloverfield, War of the Worlds, every sci-fi film EVER MADE?

What is really painful about Skyline, I must say, is the acting. Holy god the acting... Skyline has some of the worst acting I have seen in a very long time. It is shameful that these people were even paid for such horrendous performances. It made The Happening look like A Clockwork Orange.

I can handle crap sci-fi but this was just abysmal. It felt like the whole thing had been written by a pre-pubescent Half Life fan with a million dollars to spare. The 5 main characters were astonishingly dislikable and empty so there was literally no reason to care...about anything or anyone.

I like a good sci-fi B movie...but this isn't one of them. I can't give any more than 2 stars to Skyline (one star for the effects, one for the hilarious ending) and where anyone found a third or fourth beyond me. Really this is a 1 star film covered in sprinkles.

Oh screw the sprinkles: one star it is.

Truly awful by any standards. 

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