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A rubbish title does not a rubbish film make. Then again if you call a film Returner you have to expect some rubbish to make its way into the final product regardless.

To be fair, the first half hour of Returner is actually pretty good. When the film remains a straight-forward sci-fi action thriller it works. Unfortunately, the Americans and the CGI aliens show up and it's all downhill from here. Some very silly lines ("I can see the bullets") and dodgy special effects bring down an otherwise cool and fun little film.

Kaneshiro and Suzuki make a good team and Goro Kishitani's devilish villain is a lot of fun. The story is patchy at best and the ET-style ending is a mess to say the least. Then again, I'd never seen a plane transform into a weird insect-like Transformer controlled by tiny friendly aliens in big metal suits...

By all means check out Returner but I can't promise you'll find much in it to really make it worth your while. Barring the occasional crap, it is at the very least watchable and it does have the term "energy tube". Which is great. 

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