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Jeffrey Combs gives an iconic performance as the creepy doctor convinced he can re-animate the dead with a fluorescent serum which has NEVER worked properly. And although his serum backfires every single time, he still has that quiet, cool demeanor throughout, as if he knows what he's doing (he doesn't: he's insane).

A hugely entertaining and creative take on the Frankenstein story (with the Psycho music theme, strangely), Re-Animator is pretty perfect as a horror film and its cult status is well deserved. The great premise is fully taken advantage of with a rampaging killer cat (lol), a talking severed head and countless other classic morgue moments.

As derivative as it is, Re-Animator feels completely original and the whole thing is actually pretty stylish and well made. It's not particularly scary but it stays very tongue-in-cheek throughout and a lot of it is just very funny.

Overall, this is a must-see for any horror B movie fan and anyone who's ever wondered: if I cut off my head, could I still control my body at a distance?

Very entertaining and very random. 

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