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A film so classic reviewing it is almost redundant, Psycho remains to this day one of The Master's finest hours and one of the best horror films ever. Over the following years Psycho was much imitated, continued, even cloned (!) but you can't touch the original and nothing has even come close since to match Hitchcock's unsettling masterpiece.

Every frame is carefully crafted and Janet Leigh's famously early demise is as infamous and delightful as ever. It is however Anthony Perkins' haunting portrayal of a quietly disturbed Norman Bates which steals the show: this is one of the great performances and wannabe bad-guys should watch it on a loop thereby learning a few things about creating a convincing and most definitely not hammy antagonist.

The reveal at the end may not quite carry the punch it once had and the doctor's simplistic and over-indulgent explanation at the end is always somewhat tedious but as a whole, this is an unavoidable classic and if you still haven't seen it then it's time to lift that rock, crawl out from under it and treat yourself this year with one of the best. 

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