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Sure there was no need to continue Norman Bates' story...but Psycho IV figures: while we're here, might as well tell the whole bloody thing! And why not indeed, finally we are given a clear depiction of Norman's less-than cuddly childhood.

Psycho IV: The Beginning sees Norman being released for a bit and taking the opportunity to call a radio show and tell his whole story. The verdict? For a TV movie this is actually really good and rather compelling from start to finish. As a film, it keeps the focused attention of Psycho II and adds the more modern and more graphic look of Psycho III but still, of course, falls way short of the original film.

Norman's flashbacks are often genuinely unpleasant and we once again get to know the character a little bit better. Perkins is, of course, a little older still but does well regardless.

Overall, the whole thing is still really only worth a look if you've seen the previous two films and want some Psycho closure. Psycho IV won't change your life and is instantly forgettable but if you must: give it a go. It's not bad.

An adequate ending to the Psycho spin-offs. 

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