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Using pretty much exactly the same sets as The Reptile, Plague of the Zombies is Hammer's only zombie venture and is well worth a look. Infinitely more threatening than The Reptile, the film starts pretty much exactly in the same way with mysterious deaths, funerals, grave robbing and generally sinister goings on but it soon introduces some nifty antagonists.

The genuinely unpleasant group of fox-hunters, led by Alexander Davion, terrorise Diane Clare's innocent daughter, John Carson's shady Squire is a constantly untrustworthy presence, and then of course there are: the zombies. Unfortunately they are a little disappointing in that they are reduced to lumbering mine-workers with bad skin and only truly shine during one terrific dream sequence. Jacqueline Pearce's beheading, however, is an unexpected (but welcome) gory moment.

Unlike The Reptile, this feels more focused and less clumsy in its approach. The lighting and editing feel more polished and Andre Morell's doctor makes the first act as compelling as possible. Sure there are the usual plot holes and it all ends with a burning structure (again) but overall this is a gothic treat and fans of zombie movies will love it. 

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