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Ok, how many viking sci-fi film with giant monsters, spaceships and the line "Foxfire!" can you name, right now? OUTLANDER, that's how many!

The ever charisma-free James Caviezel stars in this random but pleasantly entertaining and good-looking action adventure which also stars John Hurt as the king of...whatever, vikings. Sophia Myles is the inevitable love interest, like a clone of Keira Knightley from the film King Arthur, Jack Huston offers an unintentional homo-erotic relationship for Caviezel's "Outlander" and Ron Perlman sports a beard and yells a couple of times.

It's all very silly but the first half hour is genuinely very entertaining and competently made, especially because the monster is kept hidden from us long enough to build up a fair amount of well-needed suspense. The rest is pretty predictable and feels less focused but is equally fun and miles more worthwhile than dull efforts like Ridley Scott's Robin Hood.

All in all, this is no history lesson but anyone with a thirst for Vikings vs Aliens will be pleasantly surprised. I know I was! 

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