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Yet another overhyped monster movie in the vein of Cloverfield and Skyline. Thankfully though, Monsters is miles better than both films put together...still overhyped...but very decent nonetheless.

The fact the monsters themselves are sidelined in favour of a cute romance and an actually effective and well-paced build up is both refreshing and frustrating. The post-apocalyptic look of the film is spot-on and the leads' perilous journey is pretty gripping throughout. It's just a shame we never actually build up to anything beyond two giant squid aliens making out...

No but in all fairness this is a low-budget B movie and for that it's very well made and is admittedly a lot of fun. It certainly puts the odious, intelligence-insulting Skyline to shame and avoids the intensely annoying first act character intros Cloverfield put us through without also ramming the whole home-movie crap into our faces for 2 hours.

Overall, well worth a look and one of the best sci fi B movies I've seen recently. A good companion piece to District 9

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