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Have you ever wondered why Dana Carvey, that other guy from the Wayne's World movies, never made it big in the movies after that, like Mike Myers? Have you seen The Master of Disguise? No? Well, that figures then.

So you've got a main character called Pistachio Disguisey...yup I think Carvey's pitch should have been over right there and then but somehow producers looked past that (Adam Sandler being one of them) and gave the go ahead. So here we have a spy movie spoof in which Carvey basically goes through his repertoire of bad impressions and improvises in every scene until even the other actors look at him with a wtf expression on their faces.

Don't get me wrong, I like Carvey, and I actually enjoyed some of his idiotic jokes but on the whole this is pretty darn awful from start to finish. Directed as if it were a CBBC show for 5 year olds, written as if it hadn't actually been written, acted awkwardly by everyone, not even a ridiculous turtle costume or Brent Spiner farting can save this from being a total disaster. It is the racist Indian guy impression with Carvey sporting dark make-up and a prosthetic nose which will instantly ruin the whole film for you though and leave a bad taste in your mouth long after the (loooong) end credits.

Carvey deserved better but, to be honest, he did write a character called Pistachio Disguisey himself... Did I mention he does an excruciating squeaky Italian accent throughout? YES! Now you HAVE to see it!

Seriously. Don't. 

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