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Not many films can boast having Jennifer Aniston hitting a killer leprechaun repeatedly with a stick, but I'm just glad at least one does!

Back in the days when Freddy, Jason, Gremlins, Trolls, Critters and about a million other serial killing monsters were freely roaming the Earth, turning every holiday into death-traps, the idea of an evil leprechaun haunting St Patrick's Day, fighting for gold felt pretty inevitable.

Warwick Davis has a ball as the titular Irish legend, unfortunately his Joker-style hammy shenanigans which include pogo-sticking someone to death, driving tiny vehicles, laughing and "punning" the entire time make the film kinda hard to take seriously-ish as a horror film. Of course, it's all meant to be some good, clean, silly fun but the film isn't quite funny or scary enough to qualify as either a good comedy or a good horror.

Aniston does her best to deliver such quality lines as "That was no f***ing bear!" and, for the most part, she does pretty darn well considering. Other characters include her dad, who appears early on but is soon inexplicably forgotten, some guy who unloads entire shotguns on the leprechaun and two house painters: a kid and a fat guy whose stupidity is at first taken as simple comic relief but is then uncomfortably revealed as some kind of actual brain deficiency. Hilarious, right? Nope.

Leprechaun is worth a look as a curiosity but it really is one of those films where you're just sitting there going: "This film exists WHY?". Still, it is at the very least entertaining and silly enough to warrant a few chuckles. If you've seen every horror film worth seeing and you're looking for something, shall we say, different? Why not. If you're a Friends or Aniston fan and you HAVE to see every single one of her films: why not. Otherwise, save yourself some brain cells.

It's too late for yourselves!!!

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