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It's Leprechaun time again as we get dangerously close to the much talked-about "space" one. Here though, the setting is most definitely Earth, Las Vegas to be precise, and our favourite evil green bastard is once again after his beloved shilling.

You can probably guess the entire film from the first couple of scenes with the usual combination of bad puns, limericks, boobs, blood and OTT gore thrown in. Nothing is really added to the franchise with this third instalment except perhaps even more silliness.

Yes. That's possible.

Unfortunately, out of the 5 million jokes we're given about 5 work and there are quite a few tumbleweeds whenever one of them fails. That said, Leprechaun 3 still manages to be entertaining enough and the jokes that do work, although they don't make any rational sense anywhere in this solar system, are actually pretty brilliant. One sequence involves the leprechaun giving someone a dysfunctional sex robot which of course malfunctions in the "act". Another involves someone wishing to become the "best magician in the world", and that's not even counting the exploding big-assed woman bit at the end!

So yeah, there is some creativity involved in terms of the actual kills and there are some neat touches when it comes to the wishes the future victims make but the story and the whole leprechaun mythology is all over the place. The number of wishes one can make, what happens when they do, the bite that turns you into a's complete nonsense and even in its mad realm it doesn't work.

All in all, this is by far the silliest so far but I have a feeling that things are about to get real dumb real soon. Stay tuned me laddies...

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