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In many ways, Leprechaun 2 is a superior sequel. Then again, it is a sequel to Leprechaun so how good could it possibly be?

Kinda like how Evil Dead 2 is a sequel to Evil Dead, this Leprechaun is really more of a remake or a reimagining of the first film with only Warwick Davis' evil fantastical critter in common: the plot doesn't continue from the first instalment and it seems like this time there is some kind of budget involved despite the (unsurprising) absence of Jennifer Aniston.

Whereas the first film took place in and around some old house, this time we actually have a story with characters you actually sort-of care about (not Shevonne Durkin, she's rubbish) and *gasp* numerous locations!

Now the Leprechaun is looking for a bride to... cover in gold and impregnate (as you do) but he can only do that with a descendant of the daughter of a past slave of his and that'll only work if she sneezes three times and no-one says "God bless you".

Did you get all that? Good.

Although this sequel doesn't quite have the bad movie (lucky?) charm of the original and fails to create a fully functional plot once again, it is a better film with a better script and better actors (NOT Shevonne Durkin) so what you get is still as perplexing and random but looks and feels more like a real film, which is a plus.

The late, great Sandy Baron steals the show as the alcoholic conman who dares to ask the Leprechaun for three wishes (he'll never do that again) and the whole thing is surprisingly fun. Not super-clever, as you can imagine, just fun.

Underrated trashy sequel.

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