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Up until this moment, the Leprechaun films were just a bunch of stupid but oddly enjoyable, trashy horror comedies. With Leprechaun 4: In Space, I'm pleased to announce, we're entering Ed Wood territory.

Going in, I just wanted to know how in hell they were going to explain the Leprechaun's space presence. They don't. Not even a bit. I'm not even sure the word "leprechaun" is even uttered at any point throughout the film! We're told a group of human space marines are going on some planet to kill some alien...which turns out to be Warwick Davis' critter.

Leprechaun 3 was no masterpiece but it did have quite a few redeeming qualities about it, but In Space is just...chaos. It's like a weird mix of a Starship Troopers-style action B movie, a Leprechaun horror film, a Mel Brooks, Spaceballs-type Dr Who spoof and a cheesy Star Trek The Original Series episode. Yeah...

This is one of those rare films where nothing works. Story? Nope. Visuals? Nope. Sets? Nope. Acting? God nope. Directing, writing, editing? nope, nope and nope. As a bad movie it is pretty glorious though: the whole thing is like a bad joke. You've got a murderous leprechaun, in space, with a green lightsaber who, at one point, comes out of a guy's erect penis. You've got a sexy space princess who suddenly decides to show us her boobs telling us "this is your fate!". You've got a cross-dressing general. You've got a half-man/half-machine tyrant with a thick Colonel Klink-style cartoon German accent. But I shouldn't ruin it for you: just watch it and see the wonders that Leprechaun 4: In Space has to offer. Then get a good drink.

Even the usually on-the-ball Warwick Davis is terrible here: his accent fluctuates from cockney to posh to Texan never ACTUALLY reaching Irish, he never rhymes (maybe he's evolved to prose?), he talks to himself during the entirety of the film...Still, he once again looks like he's enjoying himself so I guess that's good.

Watch out for countless wires and boom mics popping up from every corner of the screen every so often, repeated shots, awful, awful special effects and sets. It's just a cinematic A bomb. But, if you've seen all the other Leprechaun films, this is a must and if you're a fan of bad movies in general, again: a must.

Otherwise, you might want to forget this masterpiece of awfulness even exists. 

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