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Cruise and Diaz are reunited for the first time since Vanilla Sky in this silly, sunny Hitchcockian spy comedy and although the film never reaches high levels of intelligence, what it lacks in brains it makes up for in gusto.

Although it has been compared with the likes of North By Northwest, this is actually much closer to the lighter To Catch a Thief or even the Goldie Hawn/Chevy Chase 80's comedies. Cruise is clearly having a ball in a Mission Impossible-style role with added OTT silliness and Diaz is fine as his ditzy sidekick, if slightly annoying in places.

The plot is nothing to ride home about, something about a powerful battery (MacGuffin) which may or may not be useful to something or other. Whatever. It provides little more than silly lines ("Because it's filled with POWER!") and a thin strand of reason to hold everything together.

What really hurts the film strangely is the CGI. It works mostly but sometimes the green screen is just painfully obvious and the effects are just off. That and if you can tell me the significance of the word "Day" in the film's title, I'd be your friend forever. You'd think if Knight is Cruise's name then Day would have to be Diaz's name...not so.

Overall, worth a look and definitely good entertainment for a friday night but it is generally a tad clunky and if, like many, you're no fan of The Cruiser then you might need to stay away from this new ego-trip. 

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