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Colin Firth excels once more with this new, highly lauded effort and provides us with yet another pitch-perfect, smart performance. The film itself is confident, entertaining, well made and amusing if not quite as Earth-shattering as the critics claim.

Then again it's Oscar season so why wouldn't they exaggerate a tad?

Truthfully, there's not much to this film. Here we have the usual template for a character study: man has problem, gets someone to solve it, problem solved. The journey is very pleasant though and there are good performances all around, especially from Firth and Rush.

The film only slightly falters when it attempts to be too cute, which happens a few times and isn't completely necessary as the situation highlighted here is whimsical enough without piling on the "lols".

Not much more to say about that one really: it's good, a tad forgettable and of course overrated but good. It's never quite clear what the film is trying to convey about the Royals but perhaps had the film taken a more critical look at the whole thing we could have had something with a little more impact. As it stands though, I recommend it: a good, strong British film with good, strong performances.

Oh, I almost forgot Timothy Spall's Churchill: LOL. What WAS that?

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