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Philip K. Dick film adaptations are hit and miss. For every Minority Report or Blade Runner you get Paycheck or Next. Based on one of the legendary sci-fi writer's short stories, Impostor is sadly not one of the good ones. It's not terrible but about as bland as a sci-fi film can get. Dick's stories never really rely too much on their final twists, usually the stories themselves are told on a twist after twist basis. Here however, the film has little else to offer so it really builds up to the final revelation...which fails phenomenally.

The entire film is based around Gary Sinise's identity: is he actually an an alien spy or is he being set up? Unfortunately early on he freaks out and basically yells out "I am a Centauri!" before escaping. This is never mentioned again during the film so when it is finally revealed that he is, in fact, a Centauri...imagine my lack of surprise.

Aside from the ending, Impostor doesn't go to great lengths to look great or entertain: the whole thing feels pretty standard and uncreative visually. Parts of it are entertaining but on the whole, this is a very forgettable, skippable movie.

Watch Total Recall instead.

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