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Steve Oedekerk stars in this glorious cinematic rant and complains about all the little things which make up his life's DNA. A young Jim Carrey cameos as a rubberfaced weirdo who pesters him about "8 o'clock". What does it mean? What does he want? Well it's well worth sitting through the rants to find out.

Like a sort of more intense Seinfeld film, High Strung is as pure as a stand-up comedy movie could ever get so if you don't like stand-up or Oedekerk's wacky style, it's very simple, you'll hate this film. If, however, you were charmed by the likes of Kung Pow, Bat Thumb and Ace Ventura 2, you'll be in heaven.

Very funny, very random, clever and surprisingly entertaining (mostly due to Oedekerk and the cartoonish camera work), High Strung is an underrated little gem and a must-see for fans of the goofy duo.

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