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Clive Barker's classic horror/fantasy may not have aged quite as well as it should have but there's still enough decent gooey effects, silly 80's haircuts and general weirdness to entertain. The concept is pretty out there but the originality and creativity involved make it work nonetheless.

There is a certain clunkiness in the acting and direction which adds a B movie quality to the proceedings and the whole thing has the expected charm of a cult 80's horror flick. With Pinhead and his trio of sadistic ghouls stealing the show. Unfortunately they only cameo in this first instalment and one would need to check out the infinitely crazier Hellraiser II for more of these ugly bastards.

Overall, this is good old-fashioned silly, slimy fun and a trip that will probably put you off fresh meat or anything flesh-like for a little while. The random stretch-out "Jesus Wept!" scene at the end alone is worth it though, trust me.

Check it out. 

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