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With the likes of Shaun of the Dead, Planet Terror and Zombieland, I think it's fair to say the zombie genre is back on track and is better than it's ever been. Here we have another welcome addition to the new zombie comedy bandwagon with Fido, a colourful Tim Burton-esque tale of 50's suburbia, propaganda, paranoia and human zombie pets.

The post-apocalyptic story is pretty brilliant in how it's set up and reaches glorious highs of genius. The scene where the main kid hacks an old lady zombie to death with a shovel, silhouetted in front of a giant Wolfman-style full moon is one of the most satisfying scenes of the past few years and I'd gladly watch it on a loop.

An unrecognisable Billy Connolly feels a tad wasted as the titular Fido zombie, who doesn't so much say his lines as grunt them. Then again, this gives the character a welcome Edward Scissorhands-esque simplicity and innocence. Connolly's always a welcome addition but anyone with eyes and a throat could have probably pulled it off tbh.

Overall, the film looks fab, it's very random and very funny. Whether you like zombie movies or not, check it out. Hopefully it should be gory, cute, clever and random enough to please just about everyone (who's a tiny bit mad). 

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  1. Great review. I like the way you think. Personally, I think this movie has all the right things going for it. Amazing cast, great cinematography, unique premises and lots of laughs. I think it's great to see a zombie-apocalypse movie where humanity is improved as a result. What would you do with your own zombie servant? I'd get him to fold laundry. I have laundry.

    I also got the chance to review this movie on my Horror Movie Review blog. Take a look if you get a chance, I can always use some feedback from another critic.


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