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From the director of Invisible Dad and Invisible Mom comes a supernatural horror/comedy starring David Carradine, Dick Miller (Gremlins) and a whole bunch of porn stars and strippers.

Truly this is recipe for cinematic success.

As bums and boobs are thrown at us whenever there's a lull, what we get otherwise is an admittedly so-bad-it's-funny ride complete with some of the worst acting you're likely to witness and one fatal flaw: only ONE evil toon!

I know that with all the rubbish a film like Evil Toons has to offer, lines like "Are you the guy with the phone?" for example, I shouldn't be picky about one thing in particular but... I'm sorry, I am. You've got something terrible and the only thing the poor, defenceless victims watching it are waiting for (besides breasts) are toons, evil ones! And all we get is some poorly animated raping demon dog thing for like 5 minutes?

How dare you, sir!

Worth a look only to see David Carradine churning out nonsensical dialog in a small part and Dick Miller offering some amusing support, Evil Toons is indeed a horrible creation but it's silly and crappy enough to warrant a laughable curiosity watch.

Just don't expect evil TOONS.

Try Cool World.

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