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You don't see shit weasels around that much anymore...

Thankfully they are immortalised in this madcap Stephen King adaptation which gloriously throws everything at you no matter how ridiculous or nonsensical the result may be. Dreamcatcher is like a best of (and worst of) Stephen King with every possible King cliche at the rendez-vous: Stand By Me-style backstories, aliens, creepy cabin in the woods, telepathy,'s got it all.

There are obvious reasons why Dreamcatcher will never be up there with the likes of Christine, Carrie or other, more focused, King efforts. For one thing the last half hour is a mess to say the least and is way funnier than it probably originally intented to be, with the whole thing ending in a giant brown blob of CGI mush. But it is a guilty pleasure and the very idea of a shit weasel, a mentally challenged alien with a Scooby Doo lunchbox, Damian Lewis' hilariously schizophrenic "Mr Gray", Jason Lee's irrational toothpick's all brilliant and never fails to lift one's spirits.

What is strange about all this is that the whole build up during the first hour or so is legitimately decent and genuinely creepy but suddenly things take a turn for the weird as the film makes a left to crazy town and never recovers.

Overall, yes Dreamcatcher is silly: VERY silly. but it never loses its entertainment value and reaches highs of randomness rarely attempted in modern sci-fi horror films. Besides, everyone looks like they're having fun and like they're in on the joke which makes the whole thing a hell of a lot of fun. It also looks great and is pretty creative, actually a bit too creative.

And did I mention shit weasels? Because they're awesome.

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