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And you thought John Waters had matured...shame on you. Not since Pink Flamingos has such absurd silliness been put to film in such an anarchic way.

What is this 2004 effort like? Lets see, take the disturbing aspect of David Cronenberg's Crash: the idea of getting hurt and henceforth being sexually liberated in some way. Then add the colourful, over-romanticised look of Chocolat. Ok? Got that? Right, now ejaculate on it and you've got yourself A Dirty Shame: a film so filthy it's...filthy.

Waters has a talent for getting OTT, ridiculous, disgusting characters to say the dumbest but funniest lines. One example would be: "Isn't it weird that all the men in this neighbourhood have penises?" or of course: "Lets go SEXING!". The film itself is directed in a way that's almost trippy and the whole thing builds up to some of the most entertaining and mind-blowing nonsense you're likely to see. Trees turning into orifices, David Hasselhoff taking a shit, Johnny Knoxville flying and shooting lasers, smiling CGI squirrels, talking vaginas...I can't even describe it. Madness basically.

You'll either get this one or you won't. But if you're ready for some nasty, demented fun, you'll enjoy this one. Just don't expect a normal film, expect what I mentioned in the second paragraph (minus the ejaculation thing, I don't know why I wrote that).

Now let's go sexing! 

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