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Uwe Boll has been branded as the new Ed Wood by many critics and I've never really seen the similarities apart from the fact they both made bad, silly films...until I saw Bloodrayne 2.

Ed Wood mixed genres like monster movies, sci-fi B movies and film noir together in the hope of creating something fresh and original and, as time as shown, he was succesful. Here Boll mixes spaghetti western with comedy, vampire horror games. The result: vintage Uwe.

Whereas the first Bloodrayne boasted a good cast, lots of silliness and a lot of boredom, here we have pretty much no relation to the games, no big names and lots of silliness once again does have vampire cowboys. And after robot cowboys (see Westworld) this is pretty much the best thing I've ever heard.

Don't get me wrong: it's rubbish. But as a bad movie this one can be enjoyed on the same level as a good old-fashioned Ed Wood. It's stupid but proudly so and Boll clearly has fun cloning Ennio Morricone's classic scores and Sergio Leone's overall style. But Uwe Boll is not Leone and obviously it all backfires but it does so in a blaze of glory.

Overall, Bloodrayne 2 is surprisingly great fun and at times, pretty hilarious. The acting is uniformly abysmal and the cast clearly struggles to look convincing in those obvious period costumes and blurt out lines like "Ripened on the vine...and ready to pluck" but Transylvanian Vampire Billy the Kid ALONE is worth a watch. He truly has to be seen (and heard) to be believed.

A must for Boll fans...wherever you are...

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