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Basket Case may be a one joke movie, but what a joke it is. Guy carries around a basket with a monster in it ( story) and the monster is sent off to kill a bunch of seedy doctors. It's a revenge movie with horror, drama, romance, monster rape: it's got it all!

This first instalment is very low budget so expect something gritty looking and very DIY in its approach but there's plenty of fun to be had with the use of stop-motion animation, entertaining comedy side characters and loads of blood...oh and one of the longest (read: pointless) and most elaborate flashbacks you're likely to see.

The mystery shrouding the basket itself during the first half hour is actually pretty clever in the way it's handled. The anticipation is nail-biting and the reveal: delightful! The murders are as wacky and colourful as you'd expect and although the story is pretty slight and the acting mostly dire it's all worth it just to get to the odd, disturbing climax and, of course, see the basket monster in action.

Overall, Basket Case is one of the most memorable horror films you'll see but it's more moderately fun than scary or particularly gross. Worth a look. 

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