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Following Basket Case was never going to be easy, especially considering how final the ending of the first film was! Then again Frank Henenlotter can do anything so it should be no surprise that Basket Case 2 is actually is a really enjoyable sequel to a cult classic.

This time, there's a bit more budget and a bit more story as more "freaks" are introduced to Kevin Van Hentenryck's monster twin. The make-up effects on the freaks in question are very creative and one can't help but feel like these ghouls would feel right at home in a Beetlejuice-style afterlife.

Like its predecessor, Basket Case 2 is a lot of fun, doesn't take itself seriously for a second and has a unique playfulness about it that very few horror/comedies actually get right. The film does build up to a hugely satisfying, insane, finale which boasts probably THE most ridiculous and disgusting sex scene you're likely to see in a movie.

For that glorious scene alone, check out this sequel but there's plenty more silliness to enjoy throughout so check it out regardless. Overall, a surprisingly satisfying sequel and a must for fans of the first Basket Case.

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