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After a decade packed with lame action-hero roles (Next, Bangkok Dangerous) and cheesy nonsense (Knowing, World Trade Centre), Nicolas Cage returns to the top of his game with one of his all time greatest, craziest performances.

Cage is no stranger to playing awkward, random, wackos and with films like Wild At Heart, Vampire's Kiss and Raising Arizona under his belt it seems like pairing up with Werner Herzog is no less than a match made in heaven.

Bad Lieutenant sees the titular lieutenant spiral down into a drug-infused folly whilst trying to solve a crime he may or may not even care about. The film could be seen as a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-style drug comedy or a dark thriller but truthfully, it's a bit of both. A black comedy cop movie with enough random insanity to satisfy Herzog's followers and pretty much anyone with a dark sense of humour.

A strange, unique creation which will no doubt alienate some but which will make others Nic Cage fans all over again.

Ooooh yeah. 

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