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You know how some sequels really aren't sequels at all but in fact entirely different creations with a familiar title tacked on? Like Halloween III or Exorcist II? Well, this is one of those movies. Oh sure Brett Easton Ellis' Patrick Bateman appears briefly as part of Mila Kunis' backstory but really, this "All American Girl" sequel to American Psycho is another monster altogether.

Actually, this feels much more like another Cruel Intentions sequel or a really, really twisted version of Alexander Payne's Election. I guess there's a serial killer theme to the proceedings but were the killings themselves really the whole point of the American Psycho story? Whatever depth the original had to it is reduced to a very predictable and straight-forward teen movie/thriller/black comedy.

So if you can ignore the film's unfortunate attachment to American Psycho, this isn't a bad film. It's not GOOD but as a dark teen movie, it's ok: stylish, entertaining, nasty, very silly, with a decent performance from Mila Kunis. We even get William Shatner doing what he does best (trying to act distraught but coming off as constipated) and hamming it up when required.

Overall, if you're thirsting for a proper sequel to the Christian Bale-starring modern cult classic then you might want to forget this actually exists. However, if you enjoy the odd disturbing teen movie or if you're inexplicably hunting down every Shatnerism known to man, then you'll enjoy parts of this.

Surprisingly not terrible...but most definitely NOT an American Psycho sequel.

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