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As far as bad movies go, it's hard to do better than this little nugget. Unless you're Tommy Wiseau. Then again, compared to other equally terrible creations, 666 The Demon Child is actually very entertaining: plastic devil babies, giant eggs, old men with tattoos, archaeologists, still images of the sky, the same annoying sound of like 10 babies all whining in unison repeated A THOUSAND times!!! What's not to like?

From the soporific opening in which an old Native American man walks for about 10 minutes before uttering the immortal line: "And now, it begins!" to the genuinely perplexing end "twist" (think the end of Godzilla except you can't actually tell what you're even looking at), The Demon Child is one of those cinematic catastrophes which has to be seen to be believed.

Needless to say the acting is beyond terrible, the script and direction are abysmal, the lighting minimalist to say the least (one light?), the sound disastrous and the story makes no sense. Thankfully though, there's a lot of silly demon baby action! Oh, and a nod to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, an obvious reference to make in a film this close to The Master's classic work (sarcasm!).

If, like me, you are a bad movie aficionado and are on a never-ending quest to find the worst cinematic experience ever: this is a good one to check out. If however you're a fan of horror films and want to see something decent, you're barking up the wrong shitty movie. 

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