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With a film called Invisible Dad, you know you're in for something special. Director Fred Olen Ray liked his "Invisible" formula so much he even made a carbon copy of this film called Invisible Mom. I sure hope he was paid for both, poor sod.

Anyway, Invisible Dad sees some annoying kid finding a wishing machine and with it making idiotic wishes including making his dad disappear. HILARITY ensues as the Dad waits for his computer-savvy son to fix the machine which he destroyed SECONDS after his dad told him to do that.

Ok, I think I need to address this specifically because it drove me mad. Mad I tells ya.

So you've got a wishing machine. You can wish for ANYTHING. Your dad walks in, finds this out, doesn't bat an eye at your discovery (nothing wrong heeeere) and just tells you to destroy the machine before leaving to go take a shit. What do you do? Oh sure you could do what your dad says (fail), OR you could wish to go back in time to before your dad even came home, hide the machine so when he comes barging into your room like some kind of wild boundary-disrespecting beast he doesn't find anything to whine about. You can then wish for, oh I don't know, all diseases to disappear forever, world peace, world domination, a hot dog tree, a limitless cash machine, the Moon, a better dad, no dad at all, a dad made of cheese...ANYTHING YOU WANT!!!! Or, again, you could destroy the machine like your dad asked you to do and grow up to be an accountant.


Anyway, plot chasms aside, an old man spies on the family, believing they're aliens and a co-worker tries to steal the dad's job from under him.

This all sounds pretty fun...and you know what, it kind of is. I mean, of course looking past the ungodly acting and poor everything else is essential. But if you're a fan of bad movies or if you're under 8 years old, this is pretty entertaining. Try not too figure out all the plot holes though, you might get hurt.

Overall, pretty painful experience but it is Citizen Kane compared to its Invisible Mom clone.

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