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As if Invisible Dad wasn't punishment enough, here we have the considerably worse (it IS possible) alternative by Fred Olen Ray whom, I suppose, wanted to chill out on family fare after questionable efforts like Bad Girls From Mars or Scream Cream Hot Tub Party (porn). Olen Ray CLEARLY is the best choice of director for a kids movie :-S

Anyway this time instead of a machine, it's a potion which turns the mum (the dog and a lizard) invisible. Whereas the special effects in Invisible Dad were pretty poor, they are nothing short of horrendous here. Of course you can see the strings in every shot and the green screening is a disaster.

Plot holes are aplenty and actually too many to mention but the ending will have you tearing your hair off. So the dad gets fired from his lab and leaves the antidote back at work. Sure they could just get the invisible mum to walk in, pick up the antidote and leave but NOOOOOOO, instead the dad and the son try to break into the lab and obviously get caught in the process. Ugggghnnnnn...

Oh and you know what the invisible mum does in the meantime? She sits. Yeah. She just...sits.

This movie is a bucket of balls. They even copy/paste the whole "curious neighbour" thing from the other film but this time with an annoying woman instead fo a crazy old man. As if changing a side character's gender changes the whoooooole film.

It's just bad...and boring. Oh...there's a sequel? Ass.

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