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After the cop out that was...Cop Out, it's Adam McKay's turn to give us his take on the old buddy pictures of the 80s.

On paper, The Other Guys should have been glorious but, as funny as it is throughout, there is still something missing. Perhaps it prioritizes jokes rather than focus on the cop genre it's riffing off a bit too much, perhaps the shaky-cam and modern feel of the film takes away some of the nostalgia we have come to expect from those classic cop movies.

Having said that, Will Ferrell is always fun and Mark Wahlberg is great proving once again that comedy really is his calling as opposed to drama, which he can barely do (as his previous 3 efforts have conclusively proven). The supporting cast is also spot on with Michael Keaton's TLC quoting captain almost stealing the show.

Alas the film tires in the last half hour and the whole thing becomes very hit and miss. The jokes wear thin and you end up missing the film's first half. Still, The Other Guys has enough genius lines and randomness to keep everyone entertained for most of the show. Those who don't like Ferrell's OTT yelling should probably give this a miss though...

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