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Life post Superbad hasn't been easy for Michael Cera. His various attempts at adapting his nerdy, awkward persona to other ventures felt somewhat hit and miss (Nick and Norah, Youth in Revolt) even if Cera himself was always spot on. Finally, with Scott Pilgrim, we not only get his most enjoyable (and different) performance but also his best film to date and one of the best teen movies of the Noughties.

Based on the quirky Manga-style comic books, Scott Pilgrim vs The World is really an ode to 80s-90s video games, kung fu films and anime so if all this geekiness isn't your cup of tea it's very likely that Edgar Wright's latest will fly right over your head like its P-bar's up to its full potential. And if you don't know what a "P-bar" is then, well, good luck with that. There's loads to enjoy regardless, though. I mean you've got Chris Evans as a skateboard-riding douche with a funny beard, Brandon Routh as a super-powerful vegan, a pretty sweet love triangle going on, tons of cartoonish, game-style action, a fantastic soundtrack, cool special effects and an all-around terrific cast doing a terrific job.

Overall, this is a gloriously silly, OTT, fast-paced, hugely entertaining, very clever, very funny, stylish and fun action/rom-com hybrid with enough classic 8 bit sound effects, sly nerdy references and "rad" tunes to please even the coolest geek out there (cool as in cold AND not as in cold). I'll admit I wasn't big on Wright's previous work (yes, even the stuff everybody likes) but the man has made me a fan and I can't wait for what he does next.

It's a shame the film didn't do so well at the box office but I'm sure its cult status will no doubt elevate it to the pantheon of Noughties classics over the next few years. Scott Pilgrim is a must-see for game-lovin' 90's kids and anyone with a sense of humour, there's no other film quite like it. And that totally sucks.

Great, great stuff.

I heart very much.

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